Squad Server Rules

Public Server Rules:

  • Be friendly, stay calm, help new people, have fun.

  • Squadleaders must use a mic, speak English and make an effort to communicate.

  • Do not teamkill or intentionally wound a friendly player. Mistakes happen. If it was an accident immediately apologize in all chat.

  • All Crewmen requiring vehicles have to be 2 manned when taken into active battle.

  • We have zero tolerance for racism or griefing or confrontation. Do not make things personal, degrading or confrontational on our server.

  • No locked 1 man squads (except logistics).

  • Do not open a squad in the beginning of the round if you do not intend to lead it.

  • Do not recruit on our server.


Seeding rules apply when the server is less than 20v20:

  • Only fight over the middle objective(s).

  • Do not build FOBs/HABs on capture points.

  • No FOB hunting.